Overview Rationale

The Overview aims to identify curriculum focal points at a glance, thus providing focus and direction of the curriculum requirements for English both within each school year level and through all year levels 1 to 6. Such awareness of focus and direction may assist in efficiency, reinforcement and clarity of program delivery. For example, the development of sharing and justifying opinions in Years 1 and 2 can be followed through numerous contributory text explorations  to the sophisticated persuasive texts of Year 6.

An example of an overview of WhatWhen interpreted focal points of Australian curriculum requirements for English within each of the years 1-6 is presented under the classifications discussed in the Headings Rationale as column headings. Again, while this is a subjective exercise, it is a useful step in a process for developing a program framework.

Hovering over the question mark symbol at the end each of the focal points within the overview table will bring up a display of ACARA Content Description and its elaborations and the NSW Syllabus Outcomes so that viewers can make their own assessment of the particular curriculum requirements and construct their individual/school overview tables.

As well as providing the start of the programming process, these may provide useful information to teachers and parents as to the position of students in their development within the sequences of the ACARA curriculum requirements over years 1-6.