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1Editing Options

Users have two options for editing the WhatWhen documents.

1. Click “Select”, (which highlights the content on the web page), and then Copy and Paste that selection into a Word document that you then Save on your computer

2. Click “Download”, which creates a Word version for Saving on your computer.

2Using the hover function

The hover function is active on the website.

It is not active when in Word.

The idea behind the hover is that teachers can quickly appreciate the Content Description that relates to the WhatWhen program content and to form a judgement about whether or not they want to edit the WhatWhen content.

If an edit is needed, users can Copy and Paste from the hover to a Word document by clicking on the hover to create a fixed version of the hover.

Users may find it easiest to have the Web version and a Word version of that document open at the same time.

The best way to do this is to reduce the size of the active screen in both the web version and the Word version.  (eg in MS Word,  click the “Restore Down” icon top right of screen, next to the “x” Close icon.)

Note that on some computers, and some hovers, the area where the cursor activates the hover is quite small.

3Printing A3 documents in A4

Different versions of Word have different processes for scaling an A3 document so that it prints in a smaller font on an A4 printer and it is sometimes hard to find the answer!

In Word 2010, goto Print/1 Page Per Sheet/ click down icon to right/Scale to Paper size/tick A4 box. Let us know if you know of other processes and we will place them on this page.

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